Got a dream? Get a plan!

A simple, powerful, planning tool and template to jump start you on the path to transform your hopes and dreams into extraordinary action and audacious results!

  • Have you ever had a big crazy dream but felt overwhelmed and inadequate to achieve it?
  • Have you ever felt stuck in a soul draining job, wishing you could pursue something that aligns with your purpose?
  • Have you ever wanted to start something, but felt it was too hard or too late?

Kristine Gunn’s Life on Fire: Goal Mapping Process is a simple, 3-step process!

“Life on Fire: Goal Mapping Process is not a ‘quick fix’ but rather a solid foundation that provides a clear path for moving forward with clarity, momentum and intentional action. When you take advantage of this amazing opportunity with an open mind and an open heart, a whole new audacious adventure filled with passion, purpose, and meaning will be yours for the taking!”

Who’s A Good Fit For Kristine’s Life On Fire: Goal Mapping Process?

This highly engaging 3-step process is perfect for women who have a big dream or idea to meet a fabulous partner, start a business, or pursue God’s calling on their life.

Kristine’s expert guidance will provide the warmth, accountability, and focus you need to turn your burning desire into a step-by-step action plan!

Come on … let’s go!

What Does The Program Include?

  • One 60 minute private deep dive phone or skype sessions with Kristine to explore your Life on Fire Personality Profile.
  • You then receive two follow up personal 90-minute Life on Fire Goal Planning Sessions (via Skype) with Kristine including her personalized action planning tool.
  • You also receive a complimentary membership to Kristine’s 60 minute bi-weekly Life on Fire Community Mentoring Calls with like-minded women walking the journey with you.

You Can Expect A Bold New Move From …

• Drifting to doing
• Fear to freedom
• Restlessness to results
• Barriers to breakthroughs
• Life By Default to Life By Design


Here’s Kristine’s 3-Step Results-Driven Process…

Understand your personality strengths, gifts, and who God uniquely created you to be.
• A 60 Minute Assessment Analysis & Coaching Session (a $250 value)
Create a vision and step-by-step plan to achieve it.
• Two 90-Minute Follow Up Coaching Sessions With Kristine (a $500 value)
3GO! …
Join a community of like-minded women who are fabulous, free, and on fire as they pursue their God given dreams.
• Six Group Coaching Calls over Three Months (a $450 value)


YES! I’m ready to create a plan for realizing my God given dreams and ideas with
Kristine’s LIFE ON FIRE: Goal Mapping Process!



About Kristine

For over 25 years Kristine has worked in the labyrinths of business as an organizational consultant, business strategist, executive coach and trusted advisor. An inspirational speaker, writer, and one-time protégé to motivational giant Tony Robbins, Kristine has coached thousands of people to apply breakthrough solutions to generate extraordinary personal and professional results. Her warmth, enthusiasm, and relentless quest to help women realize their worth, are second only to her passion for drawing people closer to the beauty and mystery of God.