The truth is, everything in life, love, career, and
relationships is impacted by your unique personality.


If you are ready to gain greater clarity about your strengths and passions and use this truth to mobilize the real you, listen up. Kristine Gunn’s Life on Fire Personality Assessment will show you how.

Kristine Gunn’s Life on Fire Personality Assessment and Mentoring Session gets to the heart of understanding the critical gifts that personality types bring to the human experience. This power packed session will leave you moved and inspired as you learn how to leverage your innate strengths, understand your weaknesses, and break free from blind spots so you can live a fully expressed life.


  • The mystery of YOU, and the unique personality and gifts God has equipped you with
  • The magic and wonder of relationships and how to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • How caring, sharing and giving of yourself ignites the path to extraordinary living


Kristine Gunn’s Life on Fire Assessment is based on the four temperaments that originated with Hippocrates four hundred years before Christ was born. The web based questionnaire shines a light on how you make decisions, interact with others, and express your amazing self every day. Your answers provide direct feedback and can be easily interpreted into a comprehensive and personalized report that provides an overview of your unique preferences.

Here’s What You’ll Get From Kristine Gunn’s Life On Fire Assessment And Mentoring Session

1A custom link for taking the web based online assessment. The assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

2One hour live mentoring call with Kristine to unpack your results and create an inspiring plan of action that enhances your strengths and navigates your weaknesses and blind spots.


Yes! I’m ready to contribute profoundly in the world through understanding myself and others!
You pay only $199.00



About Kristine

Kristine Gunn has been presenting the power of personality type in keynote speeches, team building environments, management consulting and coaching for the past 25 years. A warm, dynamic, down-to-earth guide, Kristine uses personality type as a foundational tool for helping women discover their unique voice as a means to fully express their beauty, strength and brilliance in the world.