Piglet, Pooh, and the Sureness of You

It’s 6am on a Sunday.

I don’t like getting up early.  Especially on Sundays.

But here I am staring at a blank page.

Longing for a strong cup of coffee with cream.

When the New Year ball dropped in Time Square I promised that 2017 would be a year of life giving habits involving low carbs, hot yoga and leaving my comfy bed to write for an hour each […]

Turn the Page – The Best is Yet to Come

Every year when December 31st rolls around, I feel this crazy pressure to set NEW goals, embrace big plans and dream even bigger dreams. As a coach, I love helping people create a meaningful life – but left to my own devices – holding the paintbrush in my own hands is well … daunting.

And so I fight on past the resistance, and the merry band […]

Expressing The Purpose You Were Created For

This week I want to talk about living a fully expressed life by discovering and expressing the PURPOSE you were created for.


Noisy life, can’t hear our own true north.
Lose steam
Look for others to define us.


Donald Miller says, “The reality is, we only get one story to live and if we don’t plan it, we are much more likely to waste […]

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Invincible Spring

For as long as I can remember, Spring has been a magical time of renewal. A time to exhale the past, break out the sundress and sassy sandals, and be transformed.

What I love about the seasons is that just when the icy grip of winter seems it will never end, Spring pushes through with an invitation to dream and feast on life again.

And yet … on the […]

Leaning in to Vulnerability

As I walk onto the stage, I feel the familiar tug of nervousness that comes from speaking in front of an audience I’m just getting acquainted with.

Tonight is our first night together and I think back to the weeks of planning and preparation that have gone into this very moment. The stakes feel unusually high as I look into the eyes of a mix of […]

Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Key Strategies For Letting Real Love In

Yesterday I had lunch with my beautiful, sweet, 30 something friend Kelly. In between bites and stories and catching up on the latest news … our conversation drifted – as it often does to boys and dating, and the deep disappointment of still being single after all these years. Why, we deliberated, do so many smart, fabulous, single women […]

The Joy of Spinning Your Wheels

I’ve always been a California girl. But for a season of my life, as luck would have it, I found myself living at the bottom of the hill in a beautiful log cabin home in beautiful (snowy) Park City, Utah. While I didn’t always enjoy the white, cold, powdery stuff, I did have the cutest winter coats and snow boots you have ever seen.  But, […]

Dare to Be Amazing Podcast with Kristine Gunn

Motivational speaker, coach and consultant Kristine Gunn offers down to earth, inspirational messages for navigating life’s messy challenges with hope, faith and confidence.  If you are ready to let go of the old and create bold, new possibilities for living the authentic life you crave, listen in.  Caution: You may be different when the conversation is over!

This week:

Through all of the trials and the victories – what […]

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Are You Living an Authentic Life?

Her name was Angela and she had the most beautiful brown eyes. I had not known her long, but I didn’t need to. We were fast friends. An elementary school teacher by trade, she loved kids, and was happy to have a job, but what really lit her up was her dream to be a singer songwriter one day.

My encounter with Angela left me wondering, “is […]

Should You Remain Friends with an “X”?

Join any conversation where single women, wine, or chocolate are involved and eventually the conversation ventures into the sacred ground of relationships and men and the maddening dance around the question, is it possible or even wise to maintain a friendship with an “X” boyfriend?

I posed this question recently on Facebook and heard points of view ranging from “why not” to “not if children are […]