“Dare to Believe”
An 8 Week Audio Coaching Journey

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Kristine Gunn’s Audacious Faith online coaching program offers Christian women a stirring invitation to trade in the safe life burdened with fear, doubt, and frustration, for the infinite, miraculous power of a loving relationship with God.  Each weekly audio session and companion workbook provides practical insights and thought provoking exercises to dream big, go deep spiritually, and achieve glorious things for God!



Whether you’re just beginning your faith journey or feeling an unquenchable thirst to take your faith to an entirely new level, this program will help you discover a richer, deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

 “My purpose for creating this coaching series is nothing other than sharing my own journey of questioning, struggling, and finally surrendering to the extravagance of God’s love.  This 8 week series will provide a starting place for meeting God in the tender broken hearted places. We’ll dig deep and draw close to God and to each other.

There has never been a better time to rise up to a new level of audacious faith; rejoicing, dreaming and chasing our God-ordained destiny!

Come hungry. Come thirsty. Most of all – come as you are!”

Kristine Gunn

Includes 8 recorded coaching sessions and companion workbooks facilitated by Success Strategist, Lifestyle Evangelist, Change Catalyst, Kristine Gunn, including…

Week 1: Welcome

The starting place for stories, reflection exercises, and scripture to engage the mind and open the heart to God’s crazy love for you. Get ready to embrace a stirring invitation to know God.

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Week 2: God Size Your Vision

You are one-of-a-kind fabulous (Oh, yes you ARE!) Discover the perfect God size vision you have been boldly created and boldly equipped to fulfill. Oh yeah!

Week 3: Trusting God in the Fire

If God wastes no thing, discover how His unfailing love can calm even the darkest storms and the oh-so frustrating disappointments.

Week 4: Bold Prayer

Are your prayers too wimpy? Discover how “bold” and “prayer” are the perfect pairing to loving the life you are living.

Week 5: Two Words that Change Everything

Do numbing losses and crushing disappointments have you reeling? Discover the two unexpected words that will refresh your faith, heal the fight going on inside, and take you to a new level of radical fulfillment.

Week 6: Hearing God

Shhh… Are you listening? Discover how responding to God’s tender, passionate love will bring more spontaneous joy and authentic closeness than you ever thought possible.

Week 7: Cultivating Contentment

Do you know the one secret to being truly satisfied? Discover how to embrace your identity as a woman and squeeze every drop of happiness out of life.

Week 8: Make Your Life Count

Is playing it safe playing too small? Find out what happens when you say “yes” to all that God is whispering in your heart!

Each week you will receive a lesson workbook and reflection exercises from Kristine along with a weekly audio link. Plus, with your registration, you’ll receive access to Kristine’s private Audacious Faith Facebook community page where you’ll gather and connect with other participants to share prayer requests, and encourage each other on your faith journey.

Through this collective Facebook engagement, you’ll experience the power that comes through doing deeply meaningful work in community—AND you’ll have access to this community for as long as you’d like after the coaching program is complete.


In addition to the audio trainings, the weekly workbook, journal reflection exercises, and the private Facebook group, you also get these amazing bonuses to support your success:

Bonus #1: The Promises of God Scripture Collection

Ignite your faith with these specially chosen scripture reflecting the promises of God. Choose one per day, or one scripture a week. This beautiful collection will provide room for your soul to breath as you discover that YOU are the object of His affection.

Bonus #2: Weekly Audacious Faith Laser Coaching Calls with Kristine.

This is your chance to join the Audacious Faith community and get laser coached LIVE with Kristine – Every Monday night for 8 weeks. Kristine will facilitate a transparent, relational conversation where you will dig deep quickly and learn to apply the weekly lessons you are studying to upgrade your faith life. PLUS, each call concludes with prayer requests so that you draw close to God and to each other.

Ready to take your faith to a new level and say “yes!” to the blessings and rewards God has waiting for you? Come on – let’s get started!

Here’s What You’ll Get From the Audacious Faith Audio Coaching Series and Workbook

  • 8 Complete Audio Modules delivered weekly to your email
  • 8 Downloadable Workbooks, reflection, and take action challenges delivered weekly to your email
  • Membership to the Audacious Faith Private Facebook Group
  • 8 Weekly Live Group Laser Coaching Call with Kristine
  • Promises of God Scripture Collection

Yes! I’m ready to upgrade my faith life!
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Transform from Survival to Revival
Experience the deep healing and spiritual growth available with an authentic relationship with God.

Surrender the Past and Embrace a Brave New Future
Start afresh! Lay your burdens down as you receive God’s relentless love as your pathway to an unstoppable future.

Embrace God Sized Dreams
Stop playing small and start praying prayers that scare you!

Stop Looking to Others to Fulfill You and Start Looking to a God who ADORES YOU!
Let God’s love reflect your REAL value and worth. YOU are loved.

About Kristine

Kristine is a corporate consultant, speaker, and life evangelist for women everywhere who are ready to STOP waiting and START living the extraordinary life God has planned for them. Kristine equips women to lean in to the relentless love of God and quench their deepest thirst to live loved now.

“I’m passionate about awakening women to the wonder, grace and mystery of a God who longs to reveal her beauty and give wings to the impossible dreams she holds.”