Introducing Kristine Gunn’s 7 Day Dare To Be Amazing Challenge
A 7-day inspirational message and action challenge to feel fabulous, free, and on fire!


challenge-4531You may have a home you love, work that pays the bills, and a decent social life. But do you sometimes sense you aren’t completely flourishing?   If you are ready to feel free, fabulous, and on fire with your life, Kristine Gunn invites you to a 7 day adventure where coloring outside of the lines will be the price of admission.

The 7 Day Dare to Be Amazing Challenge is Kristine’s free program that shows women how to stir up the status quo, stop playing small, and never again settle for anything less than an AMAZING life!

Each day offers a simple truth and a personal action challenge to inspire you to apply that day’s lesson.

The 7 Day Dare to Be Amazing Challenge is delivered FREE to your email for 7 days. Don’t miss this great opportunity to spend the next 7 days rediscovering YOU (only better!)